Identify a lock, in the correct way

Struggling to identify a lock? Door locks, window locks, gate locks or a completely unknown lock. You don’t know, where to start, to see what mechanism you have.

Use our simple guide

You probably asking yourself, while looking at your door, window or gate, ,,do I have the correct lock”? We put together this page, to help you, as best as we can. Please follow, the following logical steps, in order to identify a lock.

identify a lock on doors, windows, gates and more

Identify a lock correctly

In order to identify a lock, you need to chose, on what is installed. Depending on the location, door, window, gate, or something else, the mechanism can differ. The difference can be quite significant, even if the mechanisms, looks the same.

Identify a door lock
Wooden,  Metal, Glass, Composite and UPVC Doors

In order to identify your door lock, you need to look, at a few elements. Appearance of the key, number of locking points, and how the handle works . These are important factors, to correctly establish, the type of your door lock.

window locks
Metal, Composite, Wooden and  UPVC Windows

As with the doors, the same procedure applies for windows,  to establish the type of lock. Compared to doors, the types of mechanisms and accessories, is quite reduced. There can be a variety of colors, especially on UPVC windows, as these are the most common.

How to identify a gate lock
Metal and Wooden Gates

As with windows, the gate locks range, is reduced in comparison with the doors. Mechanisms and accessories, designed for gates, are designed differently. They need to withstand, external factors, such us extreme weather conditions.

How to identify my other type of lock
Other mechanisms and accessories

Do you have a lock, which is not on a gate, door or window? Perhaps a furniture lock, post box or access hatch, or an odd obsolete element? We will help you out, with your help, to identify such locks.

Still not sure about where to start ?

You have gone trough the sections, and you still can’t find, the type of lock you have? We understand, as there are many types of door locks, window locks, and gate locks. Our aim, is to have tour property, as secure, as it possibly van be.

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