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Contact Leftway Locksmith on 07871383478, for all your keys and locks requirements, in and around Northamptonshire. We are available 24/7, all year round, offering fast response times. Quotes, estimates and general advice, is always free and impartial.

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Contact Leftway Locksmith on 07871383478, for all your keys and locks requirements, in and around Northamptonshire. Open 24/7.

Free, no obligation quote

You can contact Leftway Locksmith, to arrange a free, no obligation survey. Our free fixed quote, will always be honoured, no matter the time needed to complete the job. That’s because we are pretty good at surveying and estimating the works.

Free advice

If you would like free advice, regarding a problematic lock or component, please get in touch. You can even send us photos, or even videos, using our Whatsapp contact button. We may get a thumbs up for this free service, or a like on the social media platforms.

No nonsense contact form

Our contact form is simple to use, requiring your name, email address and a brief description of the reason you contact us. We regularly monitor the contact form enquiries, and we get back to the Customer, a soon as we can.

Available 24/7 all year round

Leftway Locksmith is available 24/7, all year round, day or night, rain or shine. Our average response time, is between 15 to 45 minutes, in the area where we operate. With a perfectly maintained vehicle, and the best stoked van in the region, our reliability is second to none.

Everything digital

Because our every day life intersects with everything digital, we regularly provide updates on social media. It is a great way, to keep our Customers in the loop, about our services, and new products. And you can contact us, if you prefer, using the social media platforms.


Most of our Customers are using Facebook, and because of this, we can’t miss not to be on it. We enjoy posting updates, news and general advice, to engage new and existing Customers.


Because Instagram is a popular way of spreading the news, we are regularly posting photos with our works. You can always like and comment, on our photos and posts, if you think we do a great job.


Our LinkedIn page, is directed more toward our Commercial Customers, but not only. A great way to showcase our work, and to spread the word about our business.


To complement with the rest of the social media platforms, and to provide regular updates to a wider audience, we have a Twitter account. We don’t mind, as long as we spread the word about us.

Use our contact form

Would you like to contact Leftway Locksmith, but not in the mood to talk to us directly? Please fill in the contact form, so we can get in touch, and address the issue in no time. We respond and address, all contact forms and email notifications, because we care about our existing and new Customers.