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Have you ever wondered what a locksmith can do?

We are not magicians, but we can do many things, related to locks and accessories. And if you are not sure, or have questions, about what we can do, you are in the right place. You can find many answers, and curiosities, about what a locksmith can do.

Can a lock always be repaired?2020-12-06T14:11:56+00:00

In most situations, a broken lock or mechanism, can be repaired. There are cases when, the lock or mechanism, is obsolete or in a state beyond repair. Because of this, the lock will be replaced, in line with your decision.

What can I expect when my locksmith arrives?2020-12-06T14:06:03+00:00

When attending a call out, we will always do our best to arrive quickly, and ready to help you. In order to provide a service which meets, or even exceeds your expectations, we need to carry out pre-work checks. We ask you a few questions, to decide on the best solution, for you to make an informed decision.

How can I pay for my Locksmith job?2020-12-06T14:02:39+00:00

We offer the option, to pay by cash, or in electronic format. Once the work is completed, payment can be made using: cash, debit or credit card, cheque or bank transfer. Commercial Customers, can use the same payments types, or we are happy to adhere to invoicing terms.

What are our opening hours?2020-12-06T14:21:00+00:00

We operate a 24/7 service, always ready to attend, call outs. Customers can contact us, for a fast and professional service, 24 hours a day. All email and text messages, are regularly monitored, and answered as soon as possible.

Who owns, runs and manages Leftway Locksmith?2020-12-06T14:35:22+00:00

Janos is your local locksmith, who owns Leftway Locksmith. Unlike other locksmiths, we offer a one-stop solution, for all your key and lock requirements. Your first and last contact, will be Janos, who offers 100% reliability.

Do you carry all parts with you?2020-12-06T14:53:54+00:00

We carry the most common parts, for all kinds of lock, windows and doors. However there may be times, when your fittings are not so common, or out of stock and we will order the parts express for you, if you wish. Meanwhile, of course, we will ensure that your property is accessible  and secured.

How much will this cost?2020-12-06T14:57:59+00:00

All jobs are different but whatever you may need we will provide a free quote in advance for you to consider. Of course we always aim to be competitive and fair.

Do you fit known brand parts?2020-12-06T15:03:36+00:00

Yes! We only supply and fit known brands, we do not use cheap and inferior parts. Your security, is our top priority.

How quickly can you be here?2020-12-06T15:08:36+00:00

We aim to be with you within 30 minutes. That is an average time, and depends very much on the time of day / night, and traffic conditions. You can be rest assured, we are on our way, and on time, every time.

Have these answers given you a clear idea of how we work?

We really hope, this page, have provided the majority, if not all answers, to your questions. And if you are still not sure, please get in touch. You can trust Leftway, for the best possible locksmith service, in Northamptonshire, and beyond.

Locksmith myths and legends

There are many many myths, and even legends, about us. While some of them are not true, there is an element of truth, within these myths.

A locksmith, can pick any lock

 This is a myth, with some elements of truth, and a lot of hype. A lock, by design can be picked, but not all locksmiths have the skills, and the tools, to do it.

They have a  master key for every lock

A master key, by definition, cannot open every single lock. The purpose of such key, is to open multiple locks, if it have been designed to do so. A master keyed suite, needs to be designed, and implemented.

Calling us is expensive

This isn’t always the case, and especially with us, because we are not a franchise. Because we are independent, leads to reasonable prices, and compared to the national companies, extremely competitive. As a result, our prices needs to be competitive, while we provide professional services.

We  should be called only when you are locked out

We are not only, specialized in non destructive openings, but other things as well. We are expert in repairing, replacing and installing, a wide variety of locks and accessories. Be it a door, gate, window, or a specialist mechanism.

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